Making the most of what you create - The Write Impression


Making the most of what you create - The Write Impression

Leveraging: making the most of what you create.

At a recent conference in Melbourne, I was asked to speak about “content leveraging” to a group of trainers.

The idea is that you take one idea and repurpose it as much as possible instead of reinventing the wheel. A blog post can become a video or a podcast or a speech ­– but there are so many more exciting things these days.

I decided to make examples of ways to leverage content, and I even made an app.


  1. Know yourself

The key to successful content leveraging is starting with an original idea.

Then you have to decide what you are most comfortable doing with that idea.

Of course, there is nothing stopping you stepping outside your comfort zone, but people often prefer certain types of activities.

No matter what your preferred modes of work, you can find ways of leveraging your content.

  1. The 5 modes of leveraging.

There are 5 main modes for content, and one or two of these may suit you better than others.

The 5 modes are:

  1. Choosing your mode(s)

There may well be some of those areas where you do not feel comfortable. You may feel that you aren’t familiar with the technology, and can’t be bothered to learn it, or can’t afford to outsource it.

There may well be other modes where you feel completely comfortable, or are willing to take a chance at learning the technology, or think it’s so sexy or such a good match for your business that it is worthwhile finding the money to outsource.

In any case, you will have to decide which forms of leveraging suit you and will be most useful to you.

At least now you will have a choice.

There are 3 main forms of audio leveraging.

There are a number of visual ways to leverage your information.


For those who feel comfortable with writing, there are many forms of leveraging from original content.


For those who feel comfortable in several modes, many of the above can be made even sexier by combining visual and or audio content with the written word, or audio with visual content.

There are some content deliveries, however, which are, by their very nature, multimedia.

Live events

For many trainers, this is the way they prefer to leverage their knowledge.

All these methods can be combined and leveraged from each other. The blog post can be recorded, published as a podcast, added to a slide deck and made into a video, which can be embedded in a multimedia whitepaper and put up on the website or made into a DVD. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Summary of how to use your products
  1. Lumpy mail
  2. When you first approach your client
  3. As a lead-up to training
  4. On training day
  5. As a leave-behind
  6. As a follow-up to training
  7. As a thank-you after training
  8. As a Christmas present

Which will you choose to do?