One Word Can Change Your Life - The Write Impression


One Word Can Change Your Life - The Write Impression

I’m watching the branches twist in the wind and listening to their complaints as they slap against the balcony.

In my warm, safe lounge room, I’m feeling very grateful.

I’m also grateful for ONE WORD that has changed my life.

One day last week, I was feeling overwhelmed by life, by all the things I “had” to do.

“Today I have to write a web page, I have to research for my workshop, I have to finish my last entry for the felting exhibition, I have to get ready and go to the networking meeting, I have to cook the dinner, I have to get in touch with my son… then I have to go to the gym. I have to do so much!” How stressful it all sounds!

Then I realised that everything would feel different if I just changed one word.

Instead of “have to” I could say, “get to.”

“Today I get to write a web page professionally, I get to spend time doing research, I get to finish my felt creation, I get to make myself look smart and I get to see friends at the networking meeting, I get to cook the dinner and eat it with my family, and I get to talk with my son. Then I get to unwind at the gym.” How grateful I should be!

And there is so much to be grateful for:

Life feels much better if we are grateful for the good things, doesn’t it?

Next time you feel overwhelmed by work, try changing ONE WORD and see how it changes your outlook!

What are you feeling grateful for?