The Butterfly Effect in Networking - The Write Impression


The Butterfly Effect in Networking - The Write Impression

One day when I was seventeen, I desperately wanted to land a solo spot in the end-of-year concert. The audition piece was really challenging, ‘ The Windmills of Your Mind’, but I had practiced it until I was sure I could do it. The audition day came and I woke up with a dreadful cold. I was devastated. There was no way I could do the song justice. I tried, but I knew as soon as the audition was over that I hadn’t succeeded.

Undeterred, I decided to audition to be in the play instead – and the woman in charge of the auditions said that it was my ‘deep, husky voice’ that landed me the part. This woman, who evidently had been a famous actor in her day in Russia, and who taught part-time at NIDA, held some of the rehearsals at her house. It was there that I met her son, a very intelligent, handsome young teacher… who I eventually married. Who knew where the bad cold and the subsequent disappointment would lead?

Many times in my life I have experienced this ‘butterfly effect’, where one thing which at the time seems insignificant or even catastrophic, leads on to something amazing.

I’m sure that looking back, you too have experienced something similar. Maybe something that appeared tiny and insignificant at the time, later changed your life.

Last month I spoke to a group about Blogging . While most people enjoyed this the talk, there were some people in the audience who would never dream of starting a blog. For those who already had a blog, some would have taken away and incorporated a few of the tips I provided. However, there were maybe one or two who would have been inspired enough to follow up on those tips, research them further, and incorporate them into their magnificent blog.

If only a handful people benefit, why do we bother? It’s back to the butterfly effect. How can I know what will happen in the lives of those people to whom I have spoken? One of them might go away, chat to her husband about the talk, about me and what I do, and he may decide that he needs my help.

Then there may be somebody in the audience who is looking for a speaker at one of their future meetings, and they may approach me to talk to yet another group. Or there may be somebody who hears me speak who doesn’t want to blog for themselves, but would love to me to blog for them. The possibilities are endless.

I guess the lesson here is that you can never know what lies ahead or what effect your actions might have.

So when you are networking or speaking at an event, or even just chatting to someone at an airport or in the supermarket, be the best representative of your business that you can, because you never know where it may lead.

If I can help you with any of your business writing, your blogging, or by speaking at your event, please don’t hesitate to contact me!