The importance of saying, “Thank You.” - The Write Impression


The importance of saying, “Thank You.” - The Write Impression

Hello Friends!

The week after Christmas, is probably a time when we look back over the year that has passed, and look forward to the year ahead.

I received an interesting and moving email last week from someone who wanted to thank me for something I had done earlier in the year. It had cost me nothing, but it had meant a lot to her, and she wanted to tell me how my small act had affected her attitude, and her life.

I was so moved by this, that I began to think of how important it is to say, ‘Thank You.’ Many of us think of things that we are grateful for every day. It is a very uplifting exercise. But how many of us take the time to thank the people who have touched our lives?

Today I am encouraging you to sit down after Christmas and thank those people who have made your lives better in 2013. It helps you to focus on what is working in your life, and it makes other people feel valuable – how can it NOT be a good thing? A simple Thank You will make everyone smile.

Think of the many things for which you can say, ‘Thank You.’

If someone has:

They deserve a Thank You.

How can you say thank you?

Remember to say thank you without asking for anything. The power of thank you is reduced by please.

Finally, a Thank You should be personal and warm. Always use the person’s name and say why you are thanking them. Give an example, if you can.

Here are a couple of examples:

Thank you for all your valuable advice about my business this year. You have been supportive when I needed support, and it was great to be able to run my plans past you and have your experienced feedback. Enjoy the holiday season, and I hope that the New Year brings you all the success you could want.

Thank you for shopping with us. We appreciate all your support and look forward to seeing you again in 2014. Have a wonderful New Year.

Thank you notes are short and don’t take long to write, so why not make someone feel good, and bring a smile to your own face as you remember all the good things that people have done for you this year?

Thank you to each and every one of you for helping to make The Write Impression successful, and for making this a great year.

Have a great time over the holidays, and may your next year be successful and happy.

Warm regards