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Dr Rie Natalenko’s doctorate is in Writing. She is an extremely experienced writer. She has published and won awards for her own writing, and has ghost-written for numerous people – books, blogs, web content, advertising, letters and many other forms of text. If you would like her to write for you, Dr Rie would be very happy to discuss your writing needs and explain what is involved.*

Please call +64 204 068 5887 or email rie@thewriteimpression.com.au for information.

*Dr Rie Natalenko is an excellent writer and provides a first class service. Please contact her if you are really serious about the quality of your writing. If you are on a really low budget, she is probably not the right choice for you.


Many people have no idea whether they need editing or proofreading, and at what level.

We usually do not quote until we have seen an example of the text, and know the purpose, length and audience for the final document. The following rates are, therefore, guidelines only.

For All Services:

We read the text meticulously, word-by-word and line-by-line, from front cover to back cover. We make corrections and creative suggestions for improvement using Microsoft Word Track Changes. We align all editing with:

We apply US or Australian/UK standards depending on the target market. Have a look at the 4 different levels of editing service below. Job cost calculations are based on word count. The greater the number of words, the lower the price per word.

The rates below are guidelines and final quotes will be generated once the work has been evaluated.

SERVICES & RATES for Editing and Proofreading documents under 10,000 words

(for longer documents, theses, ebooks etc please contact Rie for a special reduced rate)

Basic Proofread – 3c / word (Min. $30)

This service is used for documents that are already edited. Once proofread, the document is ready for print. The following are addressed:  spelling, punctuation, grammar and basic text format. There is only one round of edits and no checking of print proofs. Once the Basic Proofread is completed, the document is ready for print.

Standard Proofread/ Light Copyedit – 4c / word (Min. $40)

This service is suitable for transcriptions. It addresses:  spelling, punctuation, grammar, text format PLUS basic sentence structure, word choice and flow. It is not recommended for manuscripts for publishing where attention is required for order, flow, structure, advanced word choice, jargon and use of similes, metaphors etc. This service normally allows for one round of edits (there may be exceptions).

Premium Copyedit (Most popular author service) – 6c / word (Min $60)

This is the standard service used by authors and ESL students. It addresses: spelling, punctuation, grammar, text format, refining and clarifying word choice and language, phrasing, advanced sentence structure, voice, style, logic, medium flow and topic repetition. More attention is given to order. Two rounds of edits. Light content and structural editing might be applied when necessary.

Heavy Comprehensive Copyedit  7c / word (Min $70)

Your ideas may be great, but your document needs help to make sure it is cohesive, flows well, is logical and your message clear. The overall structure requires a lot of attention. This service includes all aspects of the other services plus a considerable amount of restructuring and content editing. This may involve moving sentences and paragraphs and sometimes re-writing. Possibly a lot of attention to formatting. Two rounds of edits. 

Writing services:


Rewriting articles, theses, ebooks etc up to 10,000 words costs from $100 per 1000 words. If your document is longer than this, please contact Rie for reduced rates.


Fliers, blog posts, advertising copy, etc – depends on the project. Turnaround varies depending on the nature of the project and Rie’s availability.


Ghostwriting – depends on the project. Turnaround varies depending on the nature of the project and Rie’s availability.

Web Writing packages

What does each package include?

How much does the package cost?

Home page Home page Home page
About page About page About page
Contact page Contact page Contact page
Tone and content formatting guidelines Tone and content formatting guidelines Tone and content formatting guidelines
Site navigation and structure advice Site navigation and structure advice Site navigation and structure advice
Two rounds of revisions within 14 days of first delivery Two rounds of revisions within 14 days of first delivery Two rounds of revisions within 14 days of first delivery
3 additional pages of your choice 5 additional pages of your choice
$1,199 $1,899 $2,299

And you add more pages to any package at just $275 each (approx. 400 /500 words).

Terms & Conditions


The Write Impression’s Promise of Confidentiality

All final materials remain the sole property of the client, subsequent to full payment of accounts. The contents of any proofreading/copyediting projects are regarded as confidential and will not be distributed beyond myself (or such servants or agents of mine who are similarly bound by this confidentiality) nor discussed verbally or via written communications with third parties without prior permission of the client as per the signed Project Agreement.

Our Guarantee

You will be happy with our work! We care about your project and will support you in your goals 100%. However, we will point out that my staff and I are human and therefore can make human errors. Documents will be proofread/copyedited precisely, to the best of our abilities. However, the onus is on the owner of the copy to ensure it is correct before going to print. The Write Impression holds no responsibility after the final edited copy is dispatched to the client.

Writing Coach

As your writing coach, I help you to:


Introductory coaching session

General discussion about what is involved in writing a book. I answer all your questions and help you get started in planning your book. $100*

*This can be used as credit towards regular coaching, or editing services for your book. (see the regular coaching services for how this may be used.)

Single coaching session

(review of up to 1000 words plus one hour coaching session)  $150

Regular scheduled coaching sessions

This is the best plan for those who are serious about getting their book finished.

Review of up to 1500 words plus one hour coaching session, $100 per session, prepaid for the first 5 sessions (non-refundable.)

You may decide to meet once a fortnight or once a month, depending on the time you want to commit to your writing.

After the first 5 meetings, coaching sessions are $100 each (prepaid.) You may use your introductory session credit at this time, at the rate of $50 per coaching session —so the next 2 sessions are only $50 each!