Writing and Ghostwriting - The Write Impression


We can write for you, or we can GHOSTWRITE for you (where you are named as the author), or we can rewrite your own words so that it is a smoother, more coherent read.

Writing Services




Rewriting articles, theses, ebooks etc costs from $100 per 1000 words.




Fliers, blog posts, advertising copy, etc—depends on the project.

Turnaround varies depending on the nature of the project and Rie’s availability.




Ghostwriting—depends on the project.

Turnaround varies depending on the nature of the project and Rie’s availability.



Dr Rie Natalenko’s doctorate is in Writing. She is an extremely experienced writer. She has published and won awards for her own writing, and has ghost-written for numerous people—books, blogs, web content, advertising, letters and many other forms of text.


If you would like her to write for you, Dr Rie would be very happy to discuss your writing needs and explain what is involved.*


Please call +61 412 791 306 or email rie@thewriteimpression.com.au for information.


*Dr Rie Natalenko is an excellent writer and provides a first-class service. Please contact her if you are really serious about the quality of your writing. If you are on a really low budget, she is probably not the right choice for you.



Project Agreement will be drawn up for each project, which The Write Impression and the client are to sign prior to commencement of project.


For projects over $200 and under $500: A 10% deposit is required. Final payment is made after Final Edit is complete.


For projects $500 and over: A 50% deposit is required and 50% payment on completion of final edit.


Invoices are payable immediately. A final invoice is generated at the end of the final edit. Documents are not to be published until proof of final payment is made.


The Write Impression holds no responsibility for any errors found in the final printed document after the final copy is dispatched to the owner/client, though all human efforts will be made to ensure there are none.


The Write Impression’s Promise of Confidentiality

All final materials remain the sole property of the client, subsequent to full payment of accounts. The contents of any writing projects are regarded as confidential and will not be distributed beyond myself (or such servants or agents of mine who are similarly bound by this confidentiality) nor discussed verbally or via written communications with third parties without prior permission of the client as per the signed Project Agreement.


Our Guarantee

You will be happy with our work! We care about your project and will support you in your goals 100%. However, we will point out that my staff and I are human and therefore can make human errors. Documents will be proofread/copyedited precisely, to the best of our abilities. However, the onus is on the owner of the copy to ensure it is correct before going to print. The Write Impression holds no responsibility after the final edited copy is dispatched to the client.